This is an easy way for you to start earning advertising income by telling your clients, members / licence holders about our online services via a text link or banner link from your website.

What we will do for you:

  • Pay you advertising income of £5 for every new policy
  • Pay you annually by BACS transfer
  • Provide you with a selection of banners and text links
  • Provide you with leaflets to circulate to your members

Great ways to make the most of your affiliate membership:

  • A banner or text link on your site (you can even have an "insurance" page - this works especially well)
  • Include detail on any email "confirmations" they may receive from your site
  • Include detail in your newsletters to members and customers
  • A thread in a forum if you have one
  • Circulate our literature to your members

Become an Affiliate Now!