Is On Track insurance the same as ordinary road risks - but on the track?
No. The insurers on On Track policies are not part of the regular motor insurance market. Cover is basic and usually limited to "parts only". Claims are not handled in the same way as road risks policies.

How many claims can I make under the policy?
There is no limit to the number of claims, however your policy is limited to the amount you can claim. The Aggregate sum insured is the maximum claimable amount during the policy period. The sum insured can be exhausted by numerous claims or just one claim. Once the insurers have paid a claim or claims totalling the Aggregate Sum Insured, the insurers are discharged of their liability and you will have to reinstate your policy via the website.

Can I insure my excess?
Yes. This is provided on an insurance "Franchise" basis. This works in a similar way to an excess but there is a significant difference.

The excess stated is the minimum amount of damage which must be attained before insurers become liable. Only when damage exceeds the amount of your policy excess are the insurers liable to pay this amount in full. Where damage remains below the stated excess there is no claim.

Am I covered for third party damage?
No. You have no coverage for any liability to third parties, whether personal injury/death or property.

Am I covered if another driver collides with me?
Subject to policy conditions, you are covered whether damage is caused by you or another party.

What is the maximum value I can insure?
The maximum sum insured that we are able to offer under this policy is £40,000 - in the aggregate.

What happens if the amount of damage exceeds the sum insured?
Insurers will pay up to the sum insured under the policy less the policy excess and you are liable for all costs over and above this amount.

What are the main policy exclusions?
Please see the sections "Summary of Cover" and the policy wording.

Can I get discounts for insuring more than ONE day?
Yes. With each day you insure through us, you will receive a discount. The level of discount varies depending on the number of days insured and the basis of your cover.

Are specialist paintwork/decals and after market parts covered?
No, we cover only the costs of standard paintwork and parts unless the policy has been otherwise specifically extended.

What rights have insurers to salvage?
If insurers have paid for any replacement parts, they have the right to retain the damaged parts as salvage. Likewise, if the insurers have paid out on the basis of a total loss, they have the right to retain all salvage.

Does my policy cover the costs of modified parts?
Unless specifically agreed, insurers will pay only for standard parts and you must pay any extra costs.

Does the policy cover transportation and storage costs?
Unless specifically agreed, the policy does not cover the costs of removal of the damaged vehicle nor of storage.

Will you share my personal information with any other third parties?

No. The information you have provided to us will only be held by us and the insurers we use for the purpose of the policy(ies) of insurances you arrange through ourselves. We will NOT send any of your details to "carefully selected organisations" since we respect the fact it is really frustrating receiving unsolicited mail. We may use your details to contact you further should we have news of insurance products or changes to your policy, but this will be on the basis of "sharing information" not advertising or promotion. This information we reserve to publicise through MORIS.co.uk Blog on the home page of our website.

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information held by us in our records but we may ask you to pay a small fee. You also have the right to ask us to correct any inaccuracies in your information by writing to us. If you want to know more about our use of your personal information, this should also be done in writing to the above address.