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DEMANDS and NEEDS: In choosing this product and the level of cover, you have not received any personal recommendation from MORIS.co.uk. The information above details the cover you have selected. The choices you will have made depend on your personal circumstances.

This, together with your Application for Competition On Track Insurance, Confirmation of Cover and any formal amendments, sets out the terms of your policy. You should check all details of your insurance and satisfy yourself that it is entirely in accordance with your understanding and instructions. Anything at variance with this understanding and instruction should be advised to us immediately quoting your unique reference number (e.g. OT123) from the MORIS.co.uk website.

Aggregate Sum Insured: The sum stated on the Confirmation of Cover is the maximum total sum that can be claimed under this policy. The insurers liability ceases when any number of claims payments or simply one claim exceeds the sum stated.


1. Claims Administration Fee: In the event of a claim we charge a fee of £125 per claim. This covers the cost of our disbursements to insurers and loss adjusters. This is only charged upon successful conclusion of your claim and is normally deducted from the claim settlement amount. There is no insurance premium tax to be added to these fees and you are not liable for fees pertaining to loss adjusting services.

2. Changes to your policy:
Notwithstanding any adjustments to your premium (additional premium or return of premium) in the event you need to amend your policy details during the course of the policy period we charge £5.95 for each amendment to cover our administrative costs.

• Operative Boundaries: Cover only applies "trackside" and does not extend to any loss or damage occurring in the pit garage, paddock or other similar areas of the circuit.

• Recommendation: We strongly urge you to take photographs of the insured vehicle from all four sides BEFORE taking to the track. This can help in the event of a claim.

What Does Your Policy Cover?

  • External accident damage (i.e. impact) to the car only whilst engaged in the specified race meeting(s) and / or test day(s)
  • Fire damage but only if directly following an accident (i.e. impact)
  • The costs of repairing the car or, if insurers decide, pay you or the legal owner (should the car be subject to hire purchase or lease) an amount in full settlement. Any amount paid cannot be more than the car's market value at the time of the accident and all claims are subject to an excess / deductible as shown on the Confirmation of Cover
  • Labour costs in respect of specialist repairs up to £50 per hour

What Doesn't Your Policy Cover?

• VAT Costs

• Bikes

• Loss or Damage caused by:

   1.  Kerbing - caused to the car by driving over kerbs
  2. "Battle Scars" - cosmetic damage caused during the course of an event which involves rubbing, touching or bumping

• Damage to the engine or to the gearbox or transmission (unless specified in your Confirmation of Cover)

• Damage to the engine or to the gearbox or transmission (unless specified otherwise on the Confirmation of Cover)

• Damage to any part that has suffered mechanical or electrical breakdown, howsoever caused

• Liability to other participants, to any third parties or to passengers or any property damage

• Consumable items such as tyres, oils, linings etc

• Extra costs involved in repairing specialised paintwork and logos unless specifically agreed

• Shipping / Transportation / Recovery costs

• Labour costs in respect of routine dismantling and re-assembly

• Damage caused by direct deployment of fire extinguisher foam (or similar)

• Loss or damage to the car whilst being driven by any person other than those specified within the Confirmation of Cover

• Any loss of revenue / loss of sponsorship or other consequential loss

You must take all reasonable steps to:

  1. prevent or reduce loss or damage and
  2. observe any legal condition, by-law or other regulation

The Duty of Disclosure

This contract of insurance has been based upon information you have provided. You must inform us immediately of any changes in this information. It is your duty to pass on to us all material information relating to the risk. Material information does not necessarily have to increase the risk. In the event of a breach of this duty of disclosure, insurers do have the right to void this insurance contract from inception. Under such circumstances, the insurers would be entitled to seek recovery of any claims that have already been paid by them under the contract although insurers would generally be obliged to return any paid premiums. If you are in any doubt as to the ambit of the duty of disclosure, you should have no hesitation in contacting us at info@moris.co.uk

Policy Changes

If the date(s) / circuit(s) and / or organiser(s) have changed you can advise us by clicking on to "My Dates". Please read the instructions carefully. All other changes are to be notified to us by email or fax and we will confirm whether or not insurers have agreed to such changes. Sorry, but insurers will not accept changes or cancellations retrospectively.

Policy Cancellation

Please refer to "My Dates". If you do not have a replacement date, you will need to specify on the page whether you wish your premium to be returned (less a £15 administration fee) or wish that we retain the premium until a new date is known. When you do know the new date you must of course notify us by completing part 2 of the page being Dates on track. Insurers retain the right to cancel the policy at any time by providing 7 days written notice. The premium shall be adjusted on a pro-rata basis. Should claims exceed the premium, there will be no return of premium. Any amendments may be subject to an administration charge of £15.00.

Other Exclusions

We will not pay claims arising from:

  1. any fraudulent, dishonest or criminal act
  2. war, riot, revolution or any similar event
  3. taking part in a riot, civil commotion, strikes and other labour disturbances
  4. ionising, radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from burning nuclear fuel
  5. the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other dangerous properties of any explosive nuclear equipment
  6. damage due to wear and tear or gradual deterioration
  7. loss of cash, currency, bank notes, travellers' cheques, passports, driving licence, petrol coupons, tickets, security documents or household effects
  8. loss or damage which is insured by any other existing insurance including and not limited to motor or household insurances
  9. loss of use, delay or consequential loss of any description including confiscation or abandonment
  10. loss of computer logging systems
  11. loss of or damage to the car whilst being worked upon
  12. loss from any form of mechanical or electrical breakdown or damage, ingress of water, rust, oxidisation or latent defect
  13. loss or damage to overalls, race suit, leathers, helmet, boots or gloves
  14. Personal Injury. (Note cover can be purchased separately, or as an extension to insurance you have arranged).
  15. Injury or damage caused by or resulting from the driving of or use of the car on a road or public highway within the meaning of the Road Traffic Act
  16. Diminution of the market value following repair
  17. Wear, tear and deterioration (this includes minor cosmetic damage)

Under Insurance / Average

This policy requires that the vehicle is insured for the correct market value. If you are under insured, in the event of a claim insurers will pay less and their settlement figure will be proportionate to the amount of under insurance.

Market Value

This policy is based upon market value and is NOT an "Agreed Value" policy.


In the event a claim is settled as a total loss the insurers retain the rights to salvage.

Claims (Refer Also to Claims Procedure Below)

In the event of a claim, or in the event of an accident which could give rise to a claim it is warranted that: a) photographs are taken of the damaged car PRIOR to removal from circuit. Photographs should show all damage. b) Notify us online within 48 hours of the accident.

Estimates may be obtained but no repair work is to be undertaken without prior permission from insurers.

Claims Procedure (In Respect of Vehicle Damage)

(1) Accident Statement:
Insurers require an independent statement from a circuit official confirming the location, date and time of the accident. This form can also be downloaded from our website (see "Notification" below). Insurers will repudiate your claim if you are unable to provide this.

We MUST be notified online within 48 hours of an accident which may give rise to a claim.

This should be done directly on the MORIS.co.uk website by clicking on 'Claims Notification'. This must be submitted to formally notify us of your claim.

Insurers may repudiate your claim if this initial notification is late.

(2) Loss Adjuster:
Your On Track Insurers may require that the processing of your claim is overseen by an independent third party and may engage the services of a loss adjuster. This is to ensure your claim is treated effectively and fairly if there are areas of discussion.

Correspondence relating to your claim should be sent directly to MORIS.co.uk unless notified otherwise.

A report will be submitted from the loss adjuster to MORIS.co.uk for onward transmission to insurers.

(3) Photographs:

PHOTOGRAPHS must be taken at the circuit and PRIOR to any repairs to the car. Photographs should be taken from all four sides of the car regardless of damage. It is your responsibility to prove your loss.

This is a WARRANTY on your policy. The Insurers have absolute right to repudiate a claim if you fail to comply with the above stipulations.

Photographs should be sent directly to MORIS.co.uk either digitally on line or by post.

No repair work is to be undertaken without prior permission from insurers.

Disposal of Parts:
Damaged parts should NOT be disposed of until you have permission to do so.

Insurers have absolute right to repudiate a claim should it become evident that the claim be false or fraudulent as regards to amount or otherwise.

Optional Extensions (Refer to Confirmation of Cover)

  1. Insurance of Your Excess
    - Take photographs of the insured vehicle BEFORE taking to the track.

    This is provided on an insurance "Franchise" basis. This works in a similar way to an excess but there is a significant difference.

    The excess stated is the minimum amount of damage which must be attained before insurers become liable. Only when damage exceeds the amount of your policy excess are the insurers liable to pay this amount in full. Where damage remains below the stated excess there is no claim.

    Example: If your excess is £2,000 this is the franchise limit. The damage to the vehicle must be over £2,000 before insurers are liable for the full amount of £2,000. If the damage is under £2,000 you will receive nothing.
  2. Additional Fire Cover
    This provides cover to the vehicles FULL VALUE in the event of a fire following accident. Fire following mechanical breakdown / derangement is not covered.
  3. Engine and Gearbox
    Accidental damage is provided following impact damage to the external side of the engine / gearbox. NOTE: Internal items damaged by over revving or ingestion of dirt are not covered. This is considered to be wear and tear.
  4. Personal Injury
    (Cover is limited to Death / Permanent Disability and excludes any temporary or loss of income benefits. Medical Expenses are also excluded).

    DEFINITIONS (Personal Injury)

    1. 'BODILY INJURY' means identifiable physical injury which:
      1. is caused by an Accident, and
      2. solely and independently of any other cause, (except medical or surgical treatment rendered necessary by such injury, occasions the death or disablement within twelve months from the date of the Accident.
    2. 'ACCIDENT' means a sudden, unexpected, unusual, specific event which occurs during the operative time and within the Period of Insurance. Where travel to and from an event is also covered, Accident shall include:
      1. exposure resulting from a mishap to a conveyance in which the you are travelling;
      2. if you disappear during the currency of this Insurance and your body is not found within twelve months after your disappearance, and the Insurers are satisfied that you sustained Bodily Injury and that such injury resulted in death, the Insurers shall pay any death benefit, where applicable under this Insurance provided, that the person or persons to whom such sum is paid shall sign an undertaking to refund such sum to the Insurers if you are subsequently found to be living.
    3. 'TOTAL DISABILITY' means disablement which entirely prevents you from attending to any business or occupation for which you are reasonably suited by training, education or experience and which lasts twelve months and at the end of that period is beyond hope of improvement.

Exclusions (Personal Injury)

This insurance does not cover death or disablement in any way caused or contributed to by:

  1. loss of weekly income;
  2. partial disability;
  3. illness;
  4. medical expenses and repatriation;
  5. any accident which falls outside of the Operative Time specified;
  6. war, whether war be declared or not, hostilities or any act of war or civil war;
  7. radioactive contamination;
  8. you engaging in or taking part in armed forces service or operations;
  9. you engaging in flying of any kind other than as a passenger;
  10. any suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self-injury or you being in a state of insanity;
  11. deliberate exposure to exceptional danger (except in an attempt to save human life);
  12. your own criminal act;
  13. being under the influence of alcohol, as defined by the motor vehicle laws of the country or state of their normal domicile and / or being under the influence of drugs, unless prescribed to you by a qualified medical practitioner but excluding any drugs prescribed for the treatment of drug addiction;
  14. Terrorism (including, without limitation, contemporaneous or ensuing Bodily Injury and/or Illness and/or Medical Expenses caused by fire and / or looting and / or theft.) Terrorism means any act or acts of force and / or violence for political, religious or other ends; and / or directed towards the over-throwing or influencing of the Government de jure or de facto; and / or for the purpose of putting the public or any part of the public in fear;
  15. Any person or persons acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organisation. ANY CLAIM and in any action, suit or other proceedings to enforce a claim under this Insurance the BURDEN OF PROVING that such claims does not fall within the Terrorism Exclusion set out above shall be upon you; any person or persons acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organisation;
  16. ANY CLAIM and in any action, suit or other proceedings to enforce a claim under this Insurance the BURDEN OF PROVING that such claims does not fall within the Terrorism Exclusion set out above shall be upon you;
  17. any amount recoverable under any state or Employers medical scheme.

Conditions (Personal Injury)

  1. Unless otherwise declared and agreed by the insurers no benefit will be payable for any condition for which the you have sought advice, diagnosis, treatment or counselling or of which you were or should reasonably have been aware at inception of this Insurance or for which you have been treated at any time prior to inception.
  2. Any fraud, concealment, or deliberate mis-statement either in the proposal on which this Insurance is based or in relation to any other matter affecting this Insurance or in connection with the making of any claim hereunder shall render this Insurance null and void and all claims hereunder shall be forfeited.

Claims (Personal Injury)

Notice must be given to the Insurers as soon as reasonably practicable of any Accident which causes or may cause a claim within the meaning of this Insurance, and you must as early as possible seek the attention of a duly qualified medical practitioner.

Notice must be given to Insurers as soon as reasonably practicable in the event of resulting or alleged to result from an Accident.

All medical records, notes and correspondence referring to the subject of a claim or a related pre-existing condition shall be made available on request to any medical adviser appointed by or on behalf of the Insurers and that such medical adviser shall, for the purpose of reviewing the claim, be allowed so often as may be deemed necessary to examine you.

You will be responsible for providing all particulars and evidence documentary and otherwise at your expense and do all such things as the Insurers may reasonably require.

All documentation, information and evidence to support a claim shall be provided at your expense and shall be in a form as required by insurers. You shall as often as required submit to medical examination at the expense of the insurers.

In the event of your death the insurers shall be entitled to have a post mortem examination at their expense.


As detailed on your Confirmation of Cover.

Complaints: If you have any question or complaint, we would invite you to write to Compliance Officer, London Special Risks Ltd (LSR), Minster House, 42 Mincing Lane, London, England, EC3R 7AE. Tel: 020 7459 9200 Fax: 020 7459 9301 E: complaints@moris.co.uk