This varies from person to person, it entirely depends upon your needs. By way of assistance you should bear the following in mind when deciding which benefits to insure:

  • Death - this is a lump sum that is paid to your estate should you die as a result of a motorsport accident. You may wish to consider any outstanding mortgages or other loans etc. that would need to be settled upon death. Please note that this is not a Life Insurance policy and does not include death through illness.
  • Permanent Total Disability - this is a lump sum that would be paid should you be permanently totally disabled suffering loss of independence and inability to perform at least four out of six specified tasks. As a rule of thumb, the sum insured should be no more than five times your annual salary. If you do need to insure for higher limits, please contact us since insurers may require a formal justification of the sum you are seeking to insure.
  • Partial Disability - this is a percentage scale of the Permanent Total Disability sum you have chosen.
  • Loss of Weekly Income - under normal circumstances the Inland Revenue will not tax this benefit so it should be geared to no more than 60% of your GROSS weekly income (i.e. your income before tax). You cannot insure for an amount higher than your weekly income.

On the basis that as a minor Death cover is limited to £2,500 and your son/daughter will not be in gainful employment so there is nothing to insure by way of Loss of Weekly Income, then this means that it is the Disability benefits you need to be focusing on. Most parents elect to insure their son/daughter for the maximum Disability sum insured possible. If there are any races outside of the UK (but within Europe) then please ensure that you also select the option to include emergency medical expenses. Please also refer to the questions and answers below on Partial Disability cover.

If you limit your cover to Permanent Total Disability only, then you will only receive the lump sum benefit in the event of you suffering loss of independence and inability to perform at least four out of six specified tasks.

Yes, if you have chosen Permanent Total Disability, you should consider what would happen in the event of partial disability (eg. the loss of a limb). You may still be able to carry on your occupation, but the Partial Disability cover provides additional peace of mind knowing that you will still receive some form of cash benefit. Refer to the policy wording for a full schedule of benefits.

This affects the premium charged for loss of income, since the same injury for different people can result in different claims. It is important to understand that if you are engaged in an occupation where even the slightest injury could bring your career to an end (e.g. surgeon / pilot / professional sportsperson / dancer) this is NOT the policy for you and you would need a more specific cover we would recommend a more specific insurance so please contact us for further details.

No. This is a seasonal policy and, like Motorsport UK / ACU competitor licences, your policy will expire on 31st December.

Personal Injury Insurance is a policy benefit and the cover, once in force, is not effected by other insurances.

No. This insurance is only in respect of your Motorsport UK / ACU licensed motorsport activities.

The claim would have to come from your estate and we suggest that any interested party is made aware of the existence of this policy if you have opted for death cover.


Yes. It does not matter who or what caused the accident in which you were injured.

Cover for track day participants is limited for Death and Permanent Total Disability. This is only available on a daily basis and specifically excludes any form of competitive driving. Cover for competition licence holders does cover competitive driving and can include Partial Disability, Loss of Income, and Medical Expenses, on a seasonal basis.

No. This cover is only in respect of your motorsport activities organised by recognised and licensed motorsport clubs.

No. The policy is limited to the sum specified for Permanent Total Disability. If you do have such a serious accident and if, after a 52 week waiting period you are deemed to have suffered Permanent Total Disability, the insurer will pay the Permanent Total Disability lump sum, less any loss of income payments made.

The information you have provided to us will only be held by us and the insurers we use for the purpose of the policy(ies) of insurances you arrange through ourselves. We will NOT send any of your details to "carefully selected organisations" since we respect the fact it is really frustrating receiving unsolicited mail. We may use your details to contact you further should we have news of insurance products or changes to your policy, but this will be on the basis of "sharing information" not advertising or promotion. This information we reserve to publicise through Blog on the home page of our website.

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information held by us in our records but we may ask you to pay a small fee. You also have the right to ask us to correct any inaccuracies in your information by writing to us. If you want to know more about our use of your personal information, this should also be done in writing to us.