Just before we start
There are some limitations with this cover so please read and confirm below before proceeding.
IF there is something outside of the parameters below then just call us on 0203 427 5960.

In respect of you as the policyholder:

  • I am over 21 years of age and under 74 years.

In respect of the insured competition vehicle:

  • UK Registered.
  • The value does not exceed £40,000 (This is NOT an "Agreed Value" policy).
  • It is garaged when not in use.

In respect of the USE of the competition vehicle:

  • Mileage will not exceed 6,000 miles per annum on public highway.
  • The competition vehicle is a SECOND vehicle owned by you.

In respect of the COVER required for the competition vehicle you require:

  • COMPREHENSIVE OR THIRD PARTY FIRE & THEFT (We cannot offer Third Party Only).
  • An annual policy.

In order to proceed, please click on the "Confirm" button below.