This is a Road Risks only policy for competition vehicles. Policyholders must be UK domiciled and Motorsport UK Competition Licence holders. There is a limitation of 6,000 miles per annum and we are able to provide either Comprehensive or Third Party Fire & Theft (TPF&T) for vehicles up to a value of £40,000.

By default, the moment you exceed the annual mileage limit your cover is automatically restricted to Third Party Only.

Yes. We need to know that we are insuring Motorsport UK Competition OR Club Card holders, so you will need to be a member of a recognised Motorsport UK club and we will need evidence of this please when you take out the insurance and at renewal.

Yes. Competition Vehicles often have very limited levels of anti-theft security so your policy specifically excludes loss or damage from any cause or theft / attempted theft UNLESS is is kept in a properly constructed and locked garage when at home the stated garaging address.

No. This is a road risks only policy. You are covered driving on the public highway in between competitive stages where you have to comply with the normal laws of the land but there is no cover while the car is being driven in anger on an stages, trials, sprints, hillclimbs, autotests or any other similar competitive events. Equally track days, shake down testing or racing on closed stages is also excluded from this cover. For this you must seek a separate "On Event" accident insurance which is available from different insurance providers.

The insurers for competition vehicles are NOT covering (1) any windscreen damage (2) Personal Belongings - this includes your race kit and helmet and (3) Personal Accident or Medical Expenses. This is a product we are able to provide separately. Obtain Quote. (4) Courtesy Car Hire (5) This is NOT an "agreed value" policy.

We can insure individuals with full driving licences from age 21 up to 74.

Yes, we would require a 35% deposit, then the remainder of the balance can be paid in either 6 or 8 instalments. Interest will be added to the overall balance, this is usually calculated at an additional 8%.

No, this is a specialist motor insurance.

Apart from the details you provide to us at the time of quotation, we will need a copy of your Competition Licence / Club card, a copy of your Motorsport UK log book and pictures of the insured vehicle. We should also draw your attention to the information you have given to us.

This is purely Social Domestic & Pleasure specifically in relation to your personal motorsport activities. There is NO "Business Use" Competition cars are covered while driving between stages also but actual "competitive" driving is excluded - as with all motor policies.

Yes, we need to know about any modifications to the vehicle. This may affect the premium depending on the level of modifications. Make sure that all alterations to the vehicle are advised to us so that we can arrange that you are fully covered.

The policy will usually become operative at the time that the first payment or deposit is paid. Cover can be started a few days in advance but under no circumstances can insurance cover be backdated.

It is always important to tell your insurer of any incident the insured vehicle is involved in, so that your file is always fully updated, even if no claim is to be made.

Uninsured losses are costs for which you are responsible. Examples are, the policy excess, the cost of a hire car and any medical expenses you may incur.

If you are living in the UK with a NI plated car this is fine. Equally we are able to offer terms for some NI post codes but this is for NI residents with NI plated vehicles.

No. Unfortunately this cover is ONLY available to residents of the United Kingdom.

No. The information you have provided to us will only be held by us and the insurers we use for the purpose of the policy/ies of insurances you arrange through ourselves. will NOT send any of your details to "carefully selected organisations" since we respect the fact it is really frustrating receiving unsolicited mail. We may use your details to contact you further should we have news of insurance products or changes to your policy, but this will be on the basis of "sharing information" not advertising or promotion. This information we reserve to publicise through Blog on the home page of our website.

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information held by us in our records but we may ask you to pay a small fee. You also have the right to ask us to correct any inaccuracies in your information by writing to us. If you want to know more about our use of your personal information, this should also be done in writing to the above address.

Your insurers DO access and use your data for a number of different reasons. This includes for example, the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) and also SIRA. Both are databases that are used by industries in the fight against fraud. These are powerful weapons which makes it harder for individuals to commit claims fraud or misrepresent claims history. Ultimately this helps keep down the cost of insurance for honest policyholders. Please refer to your policy wording, or for more information on how Highway Insurance use your information, Click Here.